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Let my people rise!

EVERYONE who is well-plugged-in to the South-South political scene knows that Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi – the colourful ex-Governor (2007-2015) of my state (Rivers), current Minister of Transport and recurrent director-general of Buhari election campaigns – is super-combative and divisive by nature.

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•Anyanwu:Owerri zone is ready to present a credible candidate

Imo people are set to take back their state from Okorocha — Chris Anyanwu

I am not going to allow you put me in a defensive. I would say I was fighting for my political survival and then there was a convergence of interest between him and I, in the sense that we shared the same platform and of course we campaigned together. Once I won, it gave him the momentum and that is what I keep telling people; you need to have strong candidates who can build up the momentum.

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That people will have so little to eat

A BOY, about 12 approached   my car as I stopped at a traffic light in Abuja. It was difficult to guess when last he might have had a bath. His bushy hair might not have felt the touch of a comb in a long while. When I looked more closely at him as he asked for alms, he was a beauty; like gold in a mud. I asked him his name. “Abdullahi.”  His surname? “Abinchi.” That means food in Hausa. So I explained what I was enquiring. He replied: “Abinchi.”  He was not smiling, so it wasn’t a joke. But I was convinced that could not be his surname. It might simply mean the reality he faces; hunger.

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