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Children of Father Paul

Why are some Christians so upset when we question Paul’s epistles? Why do they become abusive when we demonstrate painstakingly that Paul’s doctrine is at variance with Jesus’? The reason is simple; many Christians are Christians not because of Jesus but because of Paul. Without Paul, Christianity would no longer hold any attraction for them.

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Paul’s Male-chauvinism Against Women (1)

Some months ago, Jimi Sonuga introduced me to two of his female neighbours. “Do you write a column in a newspaper?” enquired one of them. “Yes,” I replied. “Oh,” she smiled, “you are the man who hates Paul.” “I would not put it that way,” I protested, “I don’t hate anybody.” Then the lady did something interesting. She came nearer and whispered to me in mocking confidentiality: “Don’t worry about that. We can’t stand Paul too.”

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