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Of A Truth: Nigerian churches should be regulated

By Shaibu Stephen Ojate Religious centres (including churches) in Nigeria are generally being perceived as a sacred place which its activities should not be legislated upon by the government. Administration upon administration usually had serious contestations with stakeholders in our churches whenever a policy is being made to check-mate its excesses. The federal government in
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Why it’s easy for pastors to rape

SERIOUSLY, we are indeed in the end of times. Many strange things are happening almost on a daily basis. If there’s anybody still doubting the reality of end-times, that person must be in another world and far from reality. The height of wickedness and irresponsibility is what would make a pastor to descend so low that his church member could be taken undue advantage of, to inflict harm in a bid to satisfying his inordinate sexual urge.

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Code of ethics for pastors (4)

If you and I con-stantly fluctuate—wand-ering back and forth and in and out of faith — we will never reap anything enduring for the Kingdom of God. To produce powerful results, we must be constant in our commitments. We must be “steady-as-she-goes” — fixed, unchanging, and steadfast. It’s all part of being diligent.

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Drunk Pastors

The door to the pastor’s office swung open with a loud bang. Out came the praise worship leader running for dear life. Running after him, with shoe in hand ready to strike him down, was our dear pastor, shouting: “I will kill you. I will kill you.”

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