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When your partner refuses to be ‘Born Again’! – Bunmi Sofola

For  close to five years, Jide and his wife had tried unsuccessfully for  a baby. Their doctor had assured them nothing was wrong with either of them—all they had to do was let nature take its course. And to help nature along, Ann, Jide’s wife, sought divine intervention.”Almost overnight, my wife turned into a religious fanatic,” Jide lamented. “She no longer cared for the orthodox church we attended because I seldom went with her. Instead, she joined one of these’ charismatic’ churches.

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Who is your ideal partner?

By Yetunde Arebi For every guy or girl, there is a partner. The question is what type of partner? Who should this man or woman be? The answers are not always far fetched, they reside there in the heart of every individual.   Most of our dreams about who the   perfect man or woman
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