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Premium Times, Owei Lakemfa and the Ibori phenomenon

THIS intervention is necessitated by two items: a report in the Premium Times of March 10, 2018 and an essay by the famed columnist, Owei Lakemfa in the Vanguard of March 19. The subject matter of both items is a criticism of the recent hosting and celebration of Chief James Ibori who was governor of Delta State from 1999 to 2007. Both items pooh-poohed the organisers of the event that it was morally reprehensible for them to do so.

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Nigeria as a killing field

Our failings as a people

OUR political seas are rough. Our economy, experiencing a tsunami. Yet, the two leading political parties; the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which are expected to lead us out of a serious crisis, have dug trenches from which they throw missiles at each other. Publicly, they beat their chests on who can better hurl insults at the other.

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SIRA gets new President, Lakemfa

No business without union business — OATUU scribe

Owei Lakemfa, the OATUU scribe, was a student activist, former Acting General secretary of Nigeria Labour Congress and the pioneer Labour Editor of Vanguard .
The KMF annual lecture has been sponsored solely by Friedrich Ebert Stifftung for 17 years.
This edition of Labour Vanguard presents excerpts from his paper which can be described as a well documented history of the Nigerian labour movement.

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