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Allegation of Governor sponsoring Boko Haram: Police summon Mailafia to Abuja

NCFront threatens mass action over Obadiah Mailafia

…decries alleged witch hunt by the authorities By Ibrahim HassanWuyo The National Consultative Front, NCFront has alleged that its leaders were constantly harassed by security agencies. The group expressed  dismay over the news of another summon issued to one of its Leaders, Dr Obadiah Mailafia by a security agency , requesting him to appear before
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Mailafia's third invite by DSS: NCFront threatens mass action

The primacy of national purpose

NATIONS, like individuals, have a national purpose or none at all. Unless a person has defined their life-purpose they couldn’t be regarded as being fully alive. Without purpose, people will float across a life-time swayed here and there like flotsam and jetsam across turbulent waters. The secret of great nations is national purpose. Americans believe in “the American dream” – in their quest for freedom and life, liberty and happiness, however defined. The French, the British, the Germans and always have a sense of national purpose. Same goes for the Chinese, whose current world ambition is to resurrect the Middle Kingdom as the centre of the universe.

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