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Saving the Nigerian Girl Child

Most countries in the world see education as a basic human need and in Nigeria also, education is a basic human right that has been recognized since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of human rights. Education is one of the fundamental rights of individuals. Unfortunately, so many young girls in most part of the world are deprived of this opportunity especially in Nigeria

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We are children, not brides, says 11-year old scholar

Eleven-year-old Pearl Opara has a solution to the major challenges facing the country’s education sector. Speaking on the adverse effect of early child marriage on the future of the Nigerian child, Pearl tells Vanguard Learning: “We are children, not brides. Early child marriage is wrong; we must safeguard the future of the girl-child, and not deny her the experience of a good childhood. In this regard, our leaders must lead by example.”

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A nation of paedophiles

Senator and former Governor Ahmed Sani, the Yerima Bakura, has finally had his way. The Nigerian Senate has bowed to his will and agreed to be silent about the age that young girls can get married in Nigeria. What this means once it is followed through and enshrined in our laws and Constitution is that girls that are as young as nine years old, provided they are deemed as having been ‘’physically developed enough’’ by their suitors, could be lawfully bedded and married in our country. That is the sordid level that we have now, as a people and as a nation, degenerated to. I weep for Nigeria and, perhaps more appropiately, I weep for the Nigerian girl-child. Yet we have no choice but to live with this new reality and to accept it as it is. After all, our representatives in the sacred halls of the Senate were not sensitive enough or ‘’man enough’’ to shoot down the whole thing, to stand firmly against the unholy agenda and to say boldly and firmly that, ‘’come what may’’, our children must be protected from sexual deviants and reprobates.

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