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#ArmedForcesRemembranceDay: Nigerians send emotional messages to military

Victor Ogunyinka Every January 15 is the Armed Forces Remembrance Day and Nigerians have been pouring glowing tributes to the military especially for their relentless efforts in fighting terrorism in faraway northeast of the country. Along with the President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki and Chief Justice of
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Policy Imperatives for Diversity Management: Nigeria in Comparative Perspective

Restructuring the Federal System: There is a notable similarity between the re-organisation of constituent units in India and Nigeria.  Just as the number of constituent units of the Nigerian federation has increased from three at independence to the current 36, the number of states in India has increased from 12 at independence in 1947 to 29 in 2018 – the 29th was created in 2014.  Strikingly, the mix of cultural diversity management, promotion of national unity and enhancement of economic opportunities across the country’s territorial area that is emphasized as factors for state creation in India are broadly similar to those in Nigeria.

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What Angola can learn from Nigeria as it creates remarkable opportunities for marginal oil production

With production declining and investment scarce, the Angolan leadership has put in place a number of new policies to reboot its oil industry and propel economic development. However, those changes take time and renewed deep-water oil and gas exploration for fresh reserves will take years to yield the desired results and stop the daily production crunch.

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