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Why, like my father, I treat Igbo like my people — Princess Adenrele Ogunsanya

Princess Adenrele Adeniran Ogunsanya became a card carrying member of National Council of Nigeria and Cameroun, NCNC, when she was seven years old. Her iconic father, Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya, was a chieftain of the party, and she learnt at a very young age to be different, as most of her friends came from Action Group families. Still a consummate politician, she is the Secretary General of Lagos State Women’s Forum and former Secretary to Lagos State Government during Governor Babatunde Fashola’s first term , making her a very important figure in the inclusion of women in politics in the country at large

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Nigerian history and the morbid obsession with national unity (3)

Balewa’s control of the national government placed the Northern region at an advantage over the other two regions because NPC, the party representing its interests, had power over federal revenue and other important national institutions. Expectedly, the NPC used its dominant influence to determine, in favour of the North, developmental projects to implement, where to site such projects and contractors that would execute them. Northern political leaders wanted power at the centre desperately out of conviction that the NCNC and AG, if allowed to control the federal government, would likely allocate more resources to the Eastern and Western regions at the expense of the underdeveloped Northern region.

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Nigeria not yet a united nation – state

THE British without consulting us amalgamated diverse ethnic groups and christened the union Nigeria. So, a revered northern monarch called the union the mistake of 1914; and, Chief Awolowo referred to Nigeria as a mere geographical expression. Since Nigeria came into being, we have always been conscious of our ethnic origins. In the 1950s, during our struggle for political emancipation, the northerners wanted to secede over the Nine point programme.

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