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Letter to my countrymen: This confab must succeed, By Atedo Peterside

Every now and again I read Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, in the newspapers, where he is speaking in his capacity as Co-Chairman of the National Assembly Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution. Usually, he is making a spirited defence of some “important” positions on national issues which his Committee might be taking. I feel sorry for Senator Ike Ekweremadu because it appears nobody is really interested in joining issues with him on anything, including even his favoured six-year single term for a President and our 36 Governors. It is almost as if close to 170 million Nigerians at home and abroad have conspired to ignore him and his Committee.

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In search of a new Nigeria through ethnic agenda

There will be display of tempers, outpouring of invectives, recriminations and lamentations.
There have been consultations across the country as the South-west is making spirited efforts to reach out to the South-east, South-south and the Middle Belt to build a consensus.
For the Jonathan administration, the turn around by the opposition may have saved the conference from credibility problem since the Yoruba have been the champion of national dialogue.

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Thoughts on the National Conference – 4

Dr Okurounmu and I share at least one thing in common. We were both recipients of American government scholarship in the 1960s which enabled us to attend universities in America. It is quite possible we also share in common taking a course in Speed Reading, which enables the individual to read lots of text materials at five to ten times that of an average person and still get the facts right. That speed reading ability paid off for me four years ago when I was engaged by clients to go through the PIB which the Federal Government was trying to force through the National Assembly and stop its passage

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Thoughts on the National Conference – 1

Like people on sickbeds, Nigerians are once again getting ready to toss from side to side, without asking if the problem is with the beds or themselves. Pity.

Do we need a National Conference, sovereign or not? The answer is neither “yes” nor “no” for the simple reason that we have failed woefully as a nation to raise a set of politicians who would make any form of government work. We had tried three forms of government since independence – parliamentary, military and presidential. None of them had been able to develop this nation to its full potentials – not at the national, regional or state levels. None.

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