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 Youths in nation-building, national development

Amara Onwuasoanya When we read about Nigerian politics and society, we are often confronted with daunting challenges of terrorism, grinding poverty, and corruption from government officials. However, a careful reflection on trends in Nigerian social and economic development in recent decades will show that Nigeria has consistently led African countries in the production of popular
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Download Power Of Love By: STRAIGHTMAN

I am Nwali Okwudiri Straightman a singer cum poetic rapper and also a prolific song writer with musical dynamism which cut across the territorial boundaries of Africa. A former student at ( Difference aesthetics ) music schools and currently working with ( THUNDER MUSIC ) Artist Village National Theatre Iganmu Lagos Nigeria, under the supervision
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Nigerian Union of Musicians holds workshop on sale of music on the internet

In its determined efforts to generate revenue for its members, the foremost body representing musicians in Nigeria, NUM is organising a workshop on the sale of music on the internet. Apart from the normal selling of music in the market, selling it in the internet means worldwide sales,translating into huge revenue gains. But regrettably, millions of dollars are lost yearly by musicians that do not sell their music on the internet and to change this narrative, NUM,a professional arm of NLC is poised to take the bull by the horn and lead Nigerian musicians to more profitable careers.

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Emerging music acts who thrilled Nigerian music scene in 2018

For every music industry, there is always a trend. This is probably why it is practically impossible for any musician to reign forever, but only maintain relevance through the continual release of hit songs and music videos that align with the trends in vogue.
As 2018 finally comes to an end Showtime takes a cursory look at how emerging music acts almost took over the music scene with the introduction of a new wave of music, videos, street slangs and dance steps which have since gone viral, putting even the musical big shots on their toes. 

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