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COVID-19: NCDC releases new guidelines for public health leaders, business owners

A call to build COVID-19 reference museum in Nigeria, Globally

By Boston Edogi Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) brought the entire world almost to a standstill and state of confusion. However, many countries’ leaders, teams and World Health Organization (W. H.O) battled (and still battling) the ravaging disease head-on and tirelessly with all their medical teams including health care workers, researchers, media teams, volunteers, citizens,
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Museum Heist: German police offer reward for stolen jewels

Investigators in Germany on Thursday offered a half-a-million-euro reward for information about the spectacular heist in which robbers snatched priceless diamonds from a state museum in Dresden. Police said the reward ($550,000) was being offered to anyone providing information “which could lead… to the capture of the perpetrators or the recovery of the stolen items”.
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