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What you see is not what you get

On first meeting with Mummy Favour; she does not leave you in doubt of who she is or what she stands for, a    peace loving Christian whose faith is deeply rooted and solidly based on Christianity and all that it entails. The names of her four children are testimony to her near cult like religious devotion; Miracle, Pentecost, Favour and Divine. Not for her the antiquated names such as Elizabeth, Mary, David and Sarah, nor the heathenish Chukwu Emeka and Chibuzor sent as names from the village. Mummy Favour owns a small but perhaps most patronised and thriving neighbourhood frozen foods shop, selling chicken, turkey, fish and very recently crabs and shrimps. A very beautiful, young woman most likely in her mid to late 30s, Mummy Favour appears a well bred woman. Her very fair complexion and neat appearance naturally attracts one to her. But then, she was well equipped for the trade she embarked upon being the only one with a big enough generating set to take care of the epileptic power supply, the bane of most entrepreneurs of such small scale businesses.    This way, one was always guaranteed of fresh products from her shop which no doubt was responsible for the high patronage she received. Many did not even mind that they often had to pay a little more than what obtains in other shops around.

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