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Mudipapa: Tejiri weds Tosan

…Mudipapa’s elder brother, Chief Joseph Orien, wanted the traditional marriage of Tejiri and Tosan to take place in Effurun-Otor, Delta State, Mudipapa’s hometown, but Mudipapa went to see him with a bottle of brandy, a goat, a set of kola nuts and N20,000 ‘to support the kola nut.’ Mudipapa wanted a venue waiver so that the traditional marriage ceremony could hold in Lagos.

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Awhefeada to review Mudipapa

ABRAKA—PROFESSOR of English and Literature and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Delta State University, Abraka, Professor Sunny Awhefeada will be the  reviewer of Life Lessons from Mudipapa, a book written by Mr. Francis Ewherido, Saturday Vanguard columnist and chartered insurance broker.

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Mudipapa: Birth of Omoghene Orien

One evening, EseOghene came home tired. She had her bath and decided to take a nap. She always slept naked. When Mudipapa came back from work, he found her in a very inviting position. “Dinner” was served and without saying “prayer before meal” (foreplay) he started “eating.” EseOghene was startled from sleep, but Mudipapa was already busy.

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