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Don’t be deceived, employers will pay new minimum wage – Eburajolo

I have always said that respect is the basis for any civilized relationship either between workers and employees or between government and ordinary man in the street. One of the basic requirements of respect is by promising and fulfilling. We agreed that minimum wage will be reviewed every five years, that is the understanding. For goodness sake, at least, let us have a minimum wage committee that will try to explain or make some adjustments so that the workforce will believe that they are not being taking for granted.

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Governors and the minimum wage

The Nigeria Governors Forum recently expressed worries that more states may not be able to pay workers salaries if the revenue of the country continues to be on the decline. The NGF, through its chairman, Governor Abdul’aziz Yari of Zamfara, said “the situation is no longer the same when we use to pay N18, 000 minimum wage when oil was 126 dollars; now oil price is 41 dollars.”

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