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The superficiality of Nigerian artists, a betrayal of the Nigerian mind

Popular culture in Nigeria has ironically helped to enshrine many of our societal ills by converting them into norms and values. The lyrics of many artists today celebrate the “fast money lifestyle” which is symptomatic of a fundamentally corrupt society and glamourises disenfranchising behaviours which ordinarily, in other climes, social critics and the public themselves would have decried.

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Training your mind to work for you (2)

LIFE is a fight for territory-the territory of the mind. The moment you stop fighting for what you want; in other words the moment you stop controlling and directing your mind what you do not want shows up. And what shows up in the domain of your mind will manifest in the domain of your life. Life is a game-a game played on the rules of giving and receiving. Whatever you give out in thoughts, words and deeds comes back to its source which is you. And the mind is the playing field for the game of life.

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