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Millionaire ‘senators’ on Nigerian hellish highways

THE story of Nigeria is a dramatic irony; it is a geographic space of inequality where wealth and suffering both coexist in abundance. With so much wealth, many Nigerians also suffer so much on a range of issues, from education to health, infrastructure and food and human insecurities. Over 13 million children are out of school and more than 23 million Nigerians are unemployed. The working majority are underpaid while the ‘doing nothing minority’ get welcome packages in billions with several millions of commonwealth money stuffed in their pockets for wardrobe and furniture allowances. To earn their illicit billions, they do not set up committees to determine if indeed the country can afford it. But in the same country, where ‘justice shall reign’ exists only in our national anthem and never practised by those who sing it; the real working public workers must wait for months before N30, 000 is paid to them.

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ICHECHI OKONKWO: Millionaire’s wife creating own wealth with creativity

This story beams light on the path to the success of Ichechi Okonkwo, founder of many successful businesses in upscale Lekki/Chevron in Lagos. The account underscores what being the wife of a successful man and parents means, and the motivating factor it could constitute. Mrs. Okonwko, interestingly narrates how she combined both to become the Managing Director/CEO, Laundry King, Sweet Dreams Essentials and Marketing Director of Nedcomoaks Ltd, owners of Victoria Crest Property. Drawing from her experiences, you can’t help but agree that she was taught well and she is leading the way currently.

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