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The menopause has always been the bane of the average middle-aged woman. Hot flushes, weight gain, and diminished sex drive are all well-known symptoms of the dreaded menopause.

A – Z of the Menopause

In spite of the fact that all women go through it, quite a number of women are clueless as to what to expect during menopause. Whilst some content with just the hot flushes, for others, menopauses utterly debilitating. The average age of going through ‘the change’ is 52, but women can notice symptoms from their
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What should I expect at menopause?

I will soon be 50 and a lot of my friends keep on giving conflicting meanings of the menopause. My period is now irregular and I suspect I must be starting menopause. My husband has insisted I should let him know when I start as he would not want to make love to me then because traditional chiefs from his village are not expected to sleep with menopausal women. I don’t intend to tell him when I eventually get to that stage but what exactly do I expect?

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