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Pregnant for my violent lover

Married and juggling two mistresses!

How do you handle betrayal? When the ‘love of your life is discovered to be the heart-throb of another, how do you handle the two-faced partner that means so much to you? Lesley, a divorcee mother of two was more or less over the trauma of her divorce and was making appreciable progress in her profession when she got chatting with one of their regular suppliers of drugs at a party. “Mike was 11 years older and as we chatted we discovered we had a lot in common. We had the same taste in music and loved good food and wine,” said Lesley. “When I told him about the trauma of my divorce, he told me:l know just how you’re feeling. My own marriage is a very unfortunate situation. My wife and I live in the same house but we’re separated. There’s no sex involved. We stay together because of our two teenage children.”

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I’m getting married as soon as my partner…

PRETTY Rachel Okonkwo better known as ‘Nkoli Nwa Nsukka’ has gradually become a household name in the  Nigerian movie industry. The light-skinned actress recently  declared that she’s ready to walk down the aisle as soon as her would-be hubby pops the question. “I’m getting married as soon as my  partner is ready for us to walk down the aisle,” she enthused. 

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Should married men have platonic friendships?

I RECENTLY discovered my husband had been ‘talking’ with another woman behind my back for almost two years. I felt totally shocked that I didn’t know this woman and that he’d never mentioned her to me. I obviously assumed they were having a sexual relationship. So I confronted him and he denied it, saying they were friends but he didn’t want to tell me about their friendship because he didn’t think I would understand.

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Key to enjoying happily married life

The Bible says if the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? The most important aspect of marriage and relationship is for a couple to build a Godly home from the onset of their marriage. Where there is love there will be progress, there’ll be peace and things will go well for such a family.

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Getting married? Welcome to hell

Recently, I felt my marriage course participants were getting too comfortable and lethargic as they were preparing for marriage. I decided to jolt them by showing them the other side of marriage, starting from the lesser drawbacks. I had barely gone 30 percent when I started noticing anxiety in their faces. One of them, who could not take it anymore, blurted out: “Excuse me, sir, you are scaring us.” My intention was not to scare them from marriage, so I stopped.

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