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Man nabbed for stealing Facebook underwear photos

A Tokyo man accused of accessing a woman’s Facebook account and allegedly downloading pictures of her in her underwear has been arrested, police and reports said Tuesday. In what is being reported as the first such arrest in Japan, Ryosuke Koga, 25, allegedly logged into the victim’s Facebook account 17 times between January and March,
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Janjaweed in the Middle Belt

IN the Sudan, they are known as the Janjaweed, which in Arabic, is said to mean “spirits on horseback”. The dominant Arab regimes in the country responded to increasing armed struggles for self-determination by the Negroid indigenous minorities in the Darfur, western and southern Sudan by arming nomadic Arab pastoralists to attack and terrorise villages owned by farmers. The farmers and pastoralists had been historically locked in tussles over land down the ages.

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130 firms closed shop —MAN

By UDEME CLEMENT The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has encountered numerous challenges ranging from deteriorating infrastructure in the operating environment to deepening weak domestic demand arising from lack of consumer purchasing power.  As such, many manufacturers doing business in Nigeria are forced to move part of their operations to other countries, while others without
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