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Saudi Arabia makes masks mandatory, bans gatherings during Hajj

The discomfort, joy and reward of Hajj

Alhamdulilah. The wuquf Arafah is about to commence in the holy land.  More than 4million Muslims will gather on Mount Arafah tomorrow in observance of the core hajj rites.  As at now, about 85 per cent of the hujjaj is now in Muna, about thirteen kilometres from Arafah.  Enduring the inconveniences associated with the assemblage.  It is a recommended sunnah to stay in Muna a day before in preparation for the Arafah in order not to miss the all-important activities of the rites. It is a tented city, that should not take more than 500 people, yet for the rites, over 4million will have to gather there for the three days. The prophet himself delineated the area and even if the number of hujjaj becomes double of what we have today, the same Mina area as defined by the Prophet will still be used. As many as the places of conveniences are, the hujjaj would still have to stand in a long queue for their turn to ease up themselves. Ditto with Arafah and Muzdalifa.

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