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The so-called Lord’s Prayer

By Apostle Promise Nnadiaso Jomo Col. 1:12-13 The Bible did not call that prayer the Lord’s prayer. Anybody that prays through Jesus can’t be answered but if he prays in the name of Jesus will be answered. Six spirits that work with believers 1). In your left is believe 2). Right side is trust 3).
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The battle is the Lord’s

In 1986, I was appointed Special Adviser to Nigeria’s Minister of External Affairs, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi. When I was offered the job, my boss at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Professor Gabriel Olusanya, advised me to reject the offer. When I decided nevertheless to accept it, he gave me a bad security clearance. He said I was too close to my West Indian wife and would not be able to keep national secrets away from her. As a result, my appointment could not be confirmed.

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Praising the Lord

PRAISE HIM! The God who made you and formed you. (Deut 32:6). PRAISE HIM! The God who sees you. (Gen 16:13). PRAISE HIM! The God who watches you. (Isa 48:17). PRAISE HIM! The God who sustains you. (Ps 54:4). PRAISE HIM! The God who has kept you. (Gen 30:2). PRAISE HIM! The God who saves you. (Ps 51:14). PRAISE HIM! The God who blesses you. (Gen 49:25). PRAISE HIM! The God who has compassion on you. (Isa 54:10).

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