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Brethren, we often hear about deliverance, what exactly does it mean?  Without reference to any dictionary, as Christians, familiar with the word ‘deliverance’, it simply tells us that someone who needs deliverance is someone under the bondage of the enemy. Someone who is oppressed.  Anybody whose  destiny  is held down or controlled by  the forces of darkness.

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Nigeria will soon be liberated from darkness – Nebo

Since he replaced Professor Barth Nnaji as Minister of Power, Professor Chinedu Nebo has struggled to reassure Nigerians that the steady march to stable electricity in the country will not be truncated. As a high performing university administrator, having risen to the top of the ladder in the academia, Professor Nebo affirms he is equal to the task. In this interview, he paints an inspiring picture of a seamless transfer of the power business to the private sector within the next one month. Here are the excerpts of the very exciting interview:

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