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Welcome home legislators

AFTER the George Washington-led forces roundly defeated the military forces of King George III of the British Empire, something akin to a constitutional conference was held. It was mutually agreed by the founding fathers of the United States that there should be a bicameral legislature to legislate for the new nation.

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Our legislators’ jumbo pay: Fact or Fiction?

The salaries of Nigerian legislators at federal and state levels have been a source of controversy largely based on the ambiguity with which the issue has been handled. Whereas the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, has made provision for the salaries and allowances of political office holders in executive and legislative offices, there is a supposition in many minds that the lawmakers have found surreptitious ways to enhance their entitlements.

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Do our legislators have alcohol allowance?

The condemnable attempt a few days ago by just 5 Kogi State legislators to remove their Speaker, Momoh Jimoh Lawal, ought not to be referred to as news. This is not to suggest that negative issues don’t make news because everyone knows that bad news is the most popular news. But considering that the newer and fresher an event is, the easier it is for it to make news, hooliganism which has since become a hobby of our legislators and which is no longer new, ought not to make news in the ordinary sense; rather it should make condemnable news. In other words, it shouldn’t even be described as news but as a story which the teller presents in a negative sense. Unfortunately, we the narrators hardly remember to sensitize the people that it is the story of shameless actors.

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