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Leadership & the burden of history

There are far too many reasons to felicitate with my brother and friend Ray Ekpu, a man we fondly  call ‘Brother Ray’ as he turns 70. Perhaps the most important and obvious reason is that he is a journalist. The second reason is that he has lived a life of journalism in a place called Nigeria. Ray’s abiding courage and significant leadership lies in the boldness of the choice he made as and when he made that choice.

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Africa, leadership deficit and the imperative of institutional reform

The question I will want to address in this intervention is simple but fundamental to the way we see Africa and her possibilities: What does it take to transform the African continent into a space of development possibilities? This is the question that formed the core of my keynote address to the 18th African Conference, organised by The University of Texas at Austin with the distinguished Professor Toyin Falola as convener and with the renowned Punch newspaper Columnist, Dr. Abimbola Adelakun and director of keynote event.

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Politics, leadership and accountability: The role of the people by Femi Falana,

INTRODUCTION: I congratulate members of the Movement for Genuine Change on the occasion of the 50th year anniversary of the creation of the Kwara State. I am delighted to participate in the historic celebration by the government and people of Kwara State. Although like other states in the country,Kwara State was established for the purpose of bringing the government closer to the people, but it is regrettable to note that over the years the government has been taken away from the people as a few powerful individuals have privatized the state and cornered its resources to the detriment of the people. It is hoped that this movement will align with other progressive organizations to embark on the mobilization of the people to take their political destiny in their own hands.

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