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Now’s the time to put a halt to your lavish lifestyle!

We all have at least one friend like Cynthia. The type of friend you’ve had for years but who could still drive you mad. The last time I called at her place, her ‘bossom’ friend Yinka was around. More of a scrounge, she always agreed to whatever Cynthia said, forever grateful for her cast-offs. We’ve all known each other since secondary school and whilst we’ve all had our stints at marriage, Cynthia’s marriage is one of the few still standing – naturally. Her husband, hard working and ambitious finally moved his family to an impressive looking ‘villa’ on the smart part of the Island. It was Cynthia’s turn to host the old students’ meeting and she waited until most of us were around before she announced the family would soon be off on holidays, pointing to a new set of four suitcases she’d discreetly displayed in the lounge.

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