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She did what she had to do to give her kids a better life!

WOULD you do anything to make your kids happy – however sordid you believe such things to be? A few years ago, Denike, a teaching assistant at a private primary school resigned and started a sort of petty trading. “We had the front two rooms in the house we moved to after Dele, my husband, was medically discharged from the armed forces and the little money he had ran out”, she explained.

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My ex allows the kids to run wild

I’m a divorced mother of three. Their dad and I split up six years ago and he sees them every other weekend. When they’re with me, they have firm rules about bedtimes and behaviour. It’s a different story with their dad. He lets them stay up late at night watching unsuitable TV programmes and films. They always come back with an attitude, refusing to tidy their rooms and answering me back.

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SKOLOMBO: Homeless kids who paint Calabar red

CALABAR — THEY are everywhere on the streets of Calabar, aka Paradise City, Cross River State, and several attempts by government, good spirited individuals and churches to put paid to them roaming the streets by providing them with better living opportunities has been largely unsuccessful. Reason: Many of them prefer life on the streets than in homes they are the Calabar streets kids, better known as Skolombo.

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