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Anire’s Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids: A creative writing approach to health education

In pursuit of improved health for children, women and the larger society, Anirejuoritse Chima-Oduko (MBBS, MPH), a medical doctor and public health professional has evolved a new strategy for providing health education and preventive health care in her book, Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids. The book published in Nigeria by Kraft Books Ltd was presented to the public at the Terrakulture Cultural Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Saturday, 16 November, 2019. Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids is uniquely crafted and presented in a child-friendly narrative style that endears it to children who are first captivated by its story-telling form, characterization and emotive expressions.   

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What’s the likelihood of your ‘Kids’ being successful as you?

“A rinola was 25 years old when she moved back to Lagos to live with her father and her step-mother after a spell of studying abroad. “It was an unmitigated disaster,” she said. “Armed with a masters degree and a prospective to-die for job, I wasn’t exactly a sight for sore eyes with my stepmother. She’d clearly enjoyed having the house—and her husband—to herself, and she was not all pleased to see me. Weeks later, she took me aside and said: ‘You’re a full adult now. You can’t stay here for long, your presence in the house is too disturbing.’

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You are Special!

Do you know that being different from others means that you are special? Being taller, shorter, and fatter or thinner than most of your friends and classmates, being physically challenged or being an Albino should not give you sleepless nights or make you unhappy because you are unique. The way God created you is what makes you who you are. What if everyone you knew looked, talked, dressed, and acted the same way you do? Then life will be boring! It is what you have that others do not have that makes you a unique person.

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Kids who spend hours before screen risk negative impact – Greensprings School

Experts have warned on the dangers of parents allowing children to  spend too much time on screen, adding that children who spend long hours watching  television or  using computers, tablets and smart phones are liable a long term negative impact. You will agree that screen time has become an inescapable reality of modern childhood, with children of every age spending long hours in front of screens, from televisions to computers, tablets and smart phones. Although spending time in front of screens can sometimes be positive  as children are able to access various educational apps that help stimulate their brains. Nonetheless, screen time has a long term negative impact on  children.

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