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#SaveTadeAlalade: ‘I need N3.2m to complete N15m needed for kidney transplant, man cries out for help

Thirty-three-year-old Oyetade Oluwafunminiyi Alalade is seriously ill and fast deteriorating in health. To prevent his untimely death, Mr. Alalade needs the sum of N15m for his kidney transplant. So far, well-meaning Nigerians have been able to raise N11.8m to see Mr. Alalade through this trying times but he needs N3.2 million to balance the N15
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OJB ready for kidney transplant

However, the ailing producer has put a stop to all forms of appeal or request in the bid to save him. “Now that I have gotten all the money needed for my medical bill, I want to officially put a stop to all forms of appeal or request in bid to save OJB. I want Nigerians to know that I have gotten the N16million needed for my treatment. Therefore, no donation should again be made to any source in respect of the said case. I’m sincerely grateful and feel blessed that people could go miles just to make me well again. I will be going for my operation by mid August,”OJB said, at a press conference during the week.

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