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Keke Marwa vs bullet-proof cars

The first time I saw keke Marwa as a means of mass transportation was in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989. I felt like a proper tourist, if not a native as I hopped from one motorcycle to another in search of cheap textile materials. I was apprehensive at first but I soon overcame my fear.

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Why we prefer dialogue to protests – ‘Keke Marwa’ operators

•As commuters bemoan Fashola’s free ride at Sallah
When will this lingering transportation problem come to an end in Lagos State? Kindly assist us to plead with Governor Fashola to ameliorate our sufferings as the State-owned transport service (BRT/LAGBUS) cannot solve all transportation problems in the State”. This plea was chorused by some stranded commuters at Ogba, a suburb of Lagos.

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