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IWA rejects parallel Ohanaeze Ndigbo elections outcomes

Service Chiefs: Yoruba elders back Ohanaeze, urge Nigerians to speak up for Igbo in interests

The South West elders, operating under the umbrella of Conference of Concerned Yoruba Elders (CCYE), expressed reservation over the alleged continuous sidelining of their Igbo neighbours from the security management team, saying they were losing sleep over the development given that it had happened for the second time, having experienced the first in 2015 when no military officer of South-East extraction made it in the security team composed by the president.

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Major setback to the administration of justice

The Supreme Court, the Apex Court, the last bus stop, is supposed to establish a profound code of conduct for social behaviour and interaction between man and man, man and society, and man and government itself. Its judgments are expected to be the embodiment of the highest values in the nation’s social and political culture. It must raise the standards of our collective conduct to a high level of civilization and social responsibility and discipline. Above all, based on its duty to promote an enhanced level of social conduct, responsibility, and a sense of right and wrong, in the polity, it must do justice in all cases. The Court must always ask itself this paramount and overriding question when any matter is brought before it for adjudication; namely, “where is the justice in this case?” Justice must always prevail over a technicality. This has been a long principle of the Supreme Court until the very recent years.

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