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Don’t relent in sowing seed continually

SOWING seed is an important thing in the life of believers whether the person is a Christian or Muslim. This is because a person does not reap if he or she fails to sow a seed. Therefore, it is Godly and must for people to sow seed so that they can reap. The Bible says in Galatians 6:7 “…A man reaps what he sows” Let people sow so that they can reap. A person needs to sow in three areas before he or she can be blessed (i) Must sow seeds in the house of God (ii) Must sow seeds in his or her family including extended family (iii) Sow a seed to outsider i.e. outside the family.

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The need for believers to be generous

It is a known fact that people that inventor started things are always remembered. The names of persons that invent create or discover something that is never known will never be forgotten or erased forever. Their names will always be mentioned anytime the things they create or discover are the subject-matter of any discussion.

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