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Infertility: 621 medical experts advocate better management of endometriosis

When one IVF cycle fails, dust yourself off and try again

Driving in the light mid-morning Lagos traffic of Saturday 2nd June 2018, I suddenly became engaged with the tune playing on the car radio. As a music enthusiast, I reflected on the song titled:  Try Again, by the famous 22-year-old black American singer, actress, and model—Aaliyah—who was killed tragically in a plane crash few months after the song’s release in 2001.  The lyrics of chorus of the popular R&B melody was strongly enticing….” If at first you don’t succeed, then dust yourself off and try again; you can dust it off and try again; try again. Dust yourself off and try again, try again (and again….)” I was on my way to the Failed IVF Cycles Open Forum that was being organised somewhere on Victoria Island by Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, and in several ways, Aaliyah’s Try Again was the perfect song for my weekend rendezvous.  

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IVF success is often beyond the 1st time around

An unsuccessful IVF cycle can be emotionally and financially devastating, nevertheless, it is no longer an assumption that IVF success rates are higher for infertile couples that go through multiple rounds. After three years of marriage and persistent trying, Gbola and Funmi were still not pregnant. The couple, in their late 30s, felt time was growing short so they began seeing doctors and specialists and having emotional conversations regarding available options.

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