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Risks you are exposed to and how you can manage them

We have the dictionary meaning of risk as well as the insurance definition of risk. But to the ordinary man out there, risk is the chance of a loss happening. It is the possibility of an unfortunate thing happening to you. Risk is you and I facing the unexpected that is not desired by anybody. Life is full of risks, that is, uncertainties of life. In our personal and business life we are exposed to various forms of risks. So in all endeavours of life, we are faced with risks. So better put, all human endeavours are associated with one form of risk or the other.

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Let insurance carry your risk (2)

If you can cultivate the habit of savings, it will help you in life. Insurance, which is a way of savings, is there for you too. Through insurance you can save for the future and for the training of your children (education insurance). The general public should shun the apathy towards insurance. It is one of those services in modern times that can always provide a relief or a solution to some of our problems.

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Let insurance carry your risk

Insurance is the transfer of risk from people exposed to risks to professional risk carriers, which are the insurance companies. Every one of us is exposed to one risk or the other because life is full of risks and all these risks can be identified, quantified and reduced to monetary terms.

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