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When hurricane infidelity hits your marriage!

AS many friends in a female group get married, the few left start fretting if they’re not going to be left permanently on the shelf. Years later, a couple of marriages in the group are likely to hit the skids and the rest of it starts getting jittery—”case often green bottle?” Beverly, a mother of three adorable kids has been married for 11 years. A few weeks ago, a friend of hers dropped by with the news that another friend had just been separated from her husband—divorce was on the cards.

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Infidelity: Everyone deserves a second chance

Being unfaithful is a partner’s worst nightmare. Until you ‘ve been there, you can’t say “once a cheat always a cheat,” and I agree with most of the advice you give to your readers on moving on after your partner cheated. It depends on the person and the reason the relationship went wrong. A year ago, I cheated on my husband. It was a horrible time for all involved. Our marriage seemed to be going downhill at the time and I felt a little lost and depressed and someone was there who provided a friendly ear and it developed from there.

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