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The battle for Nigeria’s independence was fought on the streets of Lagos – Okunnu

Alhaji Olufemi Okunnu, SAN, CON, a Federal Commissioner for Works under the Gowon administration, takes a position on the restructuring of Nigeria and what the status of Lagos State should be under the arrangement.

Okunnu spoke as guest speaker at the 2nd independence roundtable on national development organized by the Ile Bintin Social Club, Lagos. Extracts from his speech…

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The goal of our independence : Way forward to a great future

There is a great role waiting for a player in Nigeria. There is need for a great patriotic and visionary leader to articulate a National Vision and Agenda of where Nigeria should be by 2040, to be at least a top middle income nation of over 300 million people and to quote from Vision 2010. “A united, industrious, caring, God-fearing democratic society committed to making the basic needs of life affordable for everyone and creating Africa’s leading economy”.

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