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The search for income in 2021

By Manpreet Gill Over the last decade, low bond yields and major central banks’ zero interest rate policy have been rough for investors looking for income. When the Fed cut its policy rate effectively to zero in 2008, we saw a ‘race for income’ kick-off. In our view, this race remains far from over. Today,
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FG restates commitment to job creation

Protecting your income in uncertain job market

The future of work is not job security, the future of work is financial security – the ability to earn income regardless of salary.
Work, as we know it today, will be different post-COVID-19. There will be downsizing, salary slashes, layoffs, and so on. The truth is the insecurity in the job market has tripled. If you are still holding on to your job, congratulations, but not for too long.

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