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The need for the Imam

Mentioning some of the signs for advent of the Promised Messiah’s, the Promised Messiah (as) states: ‘In actuality, the emergence of the railway is one of the signs of the advent of the Promised Messiah and the Holy Quran also alludes to this, that is, ‘when the she camels, ten month pregnant, are abandoned.’ Piety comes with righteousness and if these people ponder carefully they would clearly realise that the words, the she camel shall be abandoned, refers to the emergence of the railway.

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Death of Chief Imam of Lagos: Family members, MUSWEN, others speak

The demise of the Chief Imam of Lagos, Sheikh Garuba Akinola Ibrahim, the ninth Chief Imam of Lagos State has continued to attract comments from family members and prominent Muslims accross the state.  The widow of the late cleric, Alhaja Islamiyah Akinola Ibrahim stated that her late husband was too kind to a fault, adding that he would deny himself some pleasure to make others smile.

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