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Now that we are all at home …

The Corona virus pandemic that is presently ravaging the world, is one that has brought powerful nations, their kings, presidents and leaders, to their knees. It is gradually but steadily inching into Nigeria as the number of those being infected continues to increase by the day.

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FEMI JACOBS: Leaving home at 8 wasn’t fun but turned out a blessing

Pilot, author, actor, and motivational coach, Femi Jacobs offers a rare insight into his transformation from a young man with unpleasant childhood memories into an award-winning actor, writer, and motivational coach. Much as Jacobs is not urging anyone to emulate his steps to significance, he believes there are important life-changing lessons in his story.

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NCAA approves commercial flight operations at Bayelsa airport

Coming home

Being in the air can be ethereal. There is this incomparable feeling of peace and well-being as the plane glides almost imperceptibly between clouds. It is also the closest to nature one can possibly ever get—whether the plane is passing over the vastness of the oceans, deserts, mountains or just clouds— with the fading sun gliding along side the plane like a compass, a lodestar.

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