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hole-in-the heart

I don’t want my girl to die, father of hole-in-the-heart child cries

Procreation, usually, is the joy of every couple. Their prayer is also to have their off-springs outlive them. Good as this wish may be, it is not all parents that will have their children bury them. That is the sad story of Ojo Deborah Oyindamola who may not fulfil her destiny if assistance does not reach her soon. She may have the unfortunate task of burying her child. ‘Joy rolls into wealth’ as the child’s name, Oyindamola, implies. What is joyful in a child that you know may not be able to fulfil her days? And how ironic can life be when the drugs of less than N10, 000 a month become a luxury, yet, you are supposed to be rolling in wealth? This is not a pronouncement though, but if help does not reach Oyindamola as soon as possible, the ‘unthinkable’ may come to pass.

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