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Lawyer seeks ban on hawking on highways

An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Mr Yusuf Ahmed, has called for the enactment of a law that will ban hawking on highways. Ahmed, who made the call in Ilorin on Wednesday said hawking on federal roads could be dangerous and risky. He expressed the regret that hawking on highways had become a norm in Nigeria, saying
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Prince Mamah, highways

Build police observatory posts on highways to halt attacks – Prince Mamah tasks govt

The spate of insecurity in the country has now become worse, taking its tolls on travellers plying our highways. Unlike in the past when they had to contend with armed robbers, the emerging scenario is that of kidnappers holding sway. They have invaded our expressways and their modus is as precarious as it is beastly. The gun-toting marauders have killed, kidnapped and wounded many commuters and drivers on their way to their respective destinations. The situation is so bad that many now prefer to travel by air or use trains.

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Highways of endless death-traps

MANY have since concluded that the Federal Highways across the nation have become a metaphor for the worst of every situation.  In the first part of this article, which appeared in Thisday Newspapers of August 28, 2009, page 16, we dwelt exhaustively on the Lagos-Benin Highway that was adjudged the worst road in Nigeria at the time.

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