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Axis of looming disaster: How trucks, failed roads have turned Ajegunle, Satellite Town, others into hell for residents

FOLLOWING repeated outcries by residents of Ajegunle over unending siege by trucks and other articulated vehicles, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, July last year visited to see things for himself and was confronted by a traumatic traffic situation that had effectively crippled all productive activities in the area.

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Getting married? Welcome to hell

Recently, I felt my marriage course participants were getting too comfortable and lethargic as they were preparing for marriage. I decided to jolt them by showing them the other side of marriage, starting from the lesser drawbacks. I had barely gone 30 percent when I started noticing anxiety in their faces. One of them, who could not take it anymore, blurted out: “Excuse me, sir, you are scaring us.” My intention was not to scare them from marriage, so I stopped.

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