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Gonorrhoea: Hope for possible vaccine

For the first time,  a vaccine has tested positive to act as protection against gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted infection. Sscientists in New Zealand say study of 15,000 young people, published in the Lancet, showed infections were cut by about a third. This is coming after the World Health Organisation in a recent publication said that
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Court acquits 2 men for alleged possession of 1,190kg of Tramadol tablets

WHO approves new antibiotics for treating gonorrhoea

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has approved new guidelines for the treatment of gonorrhoea, with the use of a new class of antibiotics in the face of increasing resistance. The WHO is urging countries to update their national gonorrhoea treatment guidelines in response against the backdrop of growing antibiotic resistance, and fear of development of a strain of so-called “super gonorrhoea,” which is proving highly resilient to effective treatment.

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