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God Is Talking To You (6)

I was a baby Christian, basking in newborn fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  I woke up one morning only to discover I was singing a new song.  I had never sung this song before, but it was clear I had been singing it while asleep and continued singing it now awake.  How do you sing a song you never knew before?  How do you come to know the words?  That is kingdom dynamics. 

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God Is Talking To You (5)

When I was a Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, I had a Director who was boastful. He liked to drop names. He would tell you he spent the weekend playing golf with this General, or that he had just finished talking on the phone to that Managing Director.

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God Is Talking To You (4)

Roberts Liardon was a guest-minister at a church. Suddenly during the service, the Holy Spirit drew his attention to a woman. Then he told him something unusual. He told him to go and slap her. Liardon obeyed. He went to the woman and slapped her. There was a loud gasp in the church as she burst into tears.

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Oh God, arise thou for my help (II)

God is your shield, glory and the lifter up of your head. Stop walking with your head bowed. The vision is still accomplishable. Yes you may have suffered major losses but you can still rise again. The righteous falleth seven times and seven times they rise again. Don’t give up on yourself when God has not given up on you. The challenges of life are real but more real are the plan that God has for you.

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Living on the Promises of God (2)

What happens when the promises of men are not fulfilled? We are disappointed. We might even become bitter. What about the promises of God? They never disappoint. Even when they are not fulfilled, we are not bothered because we know that God’s promises transcend time. His word is from everlasting to everlasting. Therefore, God’s promises move us from time to eternity. If they are not fulfilled in this lifetime, it is only because they are slated for fulfilment in the life to come.

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