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The numbers game by Femi Aribisala

I was standing in the parking lot of the building where I lived in Lagos, talking to Bimbo Dada, now Director of Library, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, when a man walked through the gate and came to talk to me. He said he worked for an oil-company but had recently been posted out of town. There was a lunch-hour fellowship meeting every week in his house and he was at a loss what to do about it now he was leaving. So he had been asking the Lord for guidance.

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The game changer

Next Tuesday is World Population Day, a day which seeks to raise awareness on global population issues. In Nigeria, our exploding population, which currently stands at 191.8 million, is a real issue. At the individual level, I have made it a sing song to my marriage course participants that after the first three children, they should think and think again before they add number four, because the fourth child is a game changer.

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End-game strategies against terror

WITH the December deadline for the total elimination of the Boko Haram Islamist terror group in the North East closer than ever, the picture of the progress made so far has remained cloudy. In spite of almost daily reports of recovery of Boko Haram-held territory and the destruction of their camps, the terrorists continue to
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Nigeria’s politics of zero-sum game

What makes economics an interesting science of behaviour is its attempt to predict the behaviour of economic agents. In the attempt to predict how certain economic actors will behave in a given situation, economic statisticians introduced the theory of probability. Using probability and permutations, the concept of zero-sum game emerged. In the game of zero-sum, the winner takes all.

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