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Buccaneers, racketeers and fuel subsidy fraudsters

THE Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, descended from his throne last week to deliver his customary blows against subsidies, especially for fuel and electricity. The former Central Bank governor and ex-comrade claimed that Nigerians revel in “cheap petrol”. Based on his flowing gowns and riches, fuel at N145 is cheap. But based on the cost of living, it is quite expensive because the N18,000 National Minimum Wage can only buy 125 litres of petrol.

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The self-destructive, unforced error of Fuel Subsidy

‘THE most important  question now is: For how long must misguided government economic policies ruin our nation while we do nothing? This year like others has only twelve months. At least five will be spent with nobody thinking about how to prevent more deterioration. The remaining seven months cannot possibly reverse the accumulated damage – unless a new and radical solution is found”. An excerpt from ‘As Dangote goes, so does Nigerian economy’ by Dele Sobowale, Vanguard Newspaper on Monday, January 21, 2019.

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