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Our foreign policy thrust much change (2)

THE answer to the question as to whether our foreign policy thrust is ripe for repositioning is an obvious “yes”. Several reasons can be adduced to justify this. Top among them is that other African countries have been gradually inching away from the common commitment to African unity, brotherhood and common interests. Nigeria appears to
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Foreign policy

Re-thinking Nigeria’s foreign policy

FOREIGN policy is essentially a nation’s critical fundamentals which it formulates and articulates as its framework of international engagements and projects it to the arena of the international system through the instrumentality of diplomacy. Foreign policy aggregates core national interests and externalises these to the international system with a view to combining and mixing with others in order to preserve the system of interactions with others.

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What is Nigeria’s foreign policy?

Macron, May, Merkel: three heads of powerful Western states visited Nigeria in rapid succession and one marvels at the fact that no real summary of what Nigeria benefits from these diplomatic dialogues seems to exist. If it does, it’s neither extensively discussed nor debated. In other climes, foreign policy can either bring down a government or propel it to electoral victory: the consequences of the Iraq war, its perception as a failure by most Americans in part enabled Barack Obama’s victory.

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When foreign policy does not protect citizens

THE Ghanaian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms.  Shirley Ayorkor-Botchwey was this  Monday  in Abuja on a charm offensive. Her visit came four days after Nigerian traders in Ghana reported that the envisaged attacks on them by members of the Ghana Union Traders Association, GUTA, had commenced  at  the Suame Magazine Market, in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

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