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We are set to produce oil and gas cables, conserve foreign exchange in Nigeria ― MD/CEO, Coleman Wires

Despite the impact of Local content, Nigeria still depends on some imported products and services.  In this interview with UDEME AKPAN, Managing Director/CEO, Coleman Wires and Cables, Mr. George Onafowokan, said the company has concluded plans to produce oil and gas cables this year, thus assisting to conserve foreign exchange for the nation. How was last
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Forex crisis: Exchange rate now N400/ USD1 in parallel market

In what is becoming increasingly clearer, a cocktail of bad choices, incoherent policies made worse by instability in the markets, as well as a fastidious clinging to antiquated ideas, the fate of the Naira hangs in the balance as it continues its downward slide. This report will show why the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s misplaced belief that hope is best served for dinner, at a time when there may be no one at the table because the prognoses for the Naira and the economy, do not inspire confidence and growth.

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