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Govt ineptitude hindering FoI Act

Tuesday, May 28, marked the 8th anniversary of Freedom of Information, FoI, Act. Nigeria became the fifth African nation with a freedom of information law, when on May 28, 2011 the seal was put on the bill. Although the FoI Act is not the only legislation that allows access to information in Nigeria, it’s emergence was to measure, review and enforce punishment for breach. It came to give bite to disclosure by establishing a legal right to such demand and review procedures. It is meant to simplify public access to governance and to allow the citizens a peep into government decisions and proposals.

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FOI Act: Where His Lordship got it wrong

IN a recent ruling, his lordship, Justice Gabriel O. Kolawole of the Federal High Court in Abuja suggested that the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 was somehow defective because it provides in Section 1(2) that an applicant seeking information from a public institution should not be required to demonstrate his or her interest in that information and called on the National Assembly to amend the Law to restrict its application.

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