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Social Media Bill: CSO demands other options to fight hate speech

People Talk: On FG raising hate speech fine from N500,000 to N5m

“This is enslavement! It’s an anti-democratic tool. If people can no longer have freedom of speech, it will sabotage the main responsibility of political watchdogs. “Most times, what they tag hate speech is criticism to put government in check. Lawmakers should scrutinize the contents of this bill to preserve our democracy.” —Opeyemi Ogungbe, Educator “Nigeria
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Naira, CBN, PDP, FAAC, assets

Shareholders differ on imposition of fine by regulators

I think regulators are too harsh on companies with the numerous and high amount of fines they impose on companies. The money that companies pay as fine is shareholders own. So I feel regulators should be soft pedal on the fines they impose on companies. It is the employees that somehow flout some of these rules. Why should shareholders bear the brunt? Also, the amount of fine they charge these companies need to be reviewed. For instance, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, for a single offence, charges not less than N50 million. This is really too much and is affecting the amount that would have been given us as dividend.

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Ubani writes AGF, demands compliance with judgment on NIN extension

Show me the money!

My apologies, I am not a crooner and my children will attest to that, but I know a good and meaningful lyrics when I hear one, and this particular one by Bob Dylan comes to mind and it goes like this: “The Times They Are A-changin” that best describes the sweeping changes in Nigeria to a tee; “..Then you better start swimmin’, Or you’ll sink like a stone, For the times they are a-changin’..

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